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Our commitment to sustainability is simple.

We’ve set out to eliminate waste, create jobs within our communities and deliver premium Kona Coffee and Hawaiian Cascara products by utilizing the entire Kona Coffee Cherry.

At the end of each summer, the Kona Coffee Harvest begins. The Kona region is dotted with many small, single-estate farms that have been run by local families for generations. Only the ripened, red cherries are hand-picked to ensure peak ripeness. The coffee cherry seeds, or coffee beans, are removed and over 40 million pounds of coffee fruit are discarded each year in the process.

Coffee Cherry, or Cascara, protects and nourishes the coffee beans, or the seeds of the fruit, and has traditionally been discarded as waste in favor of the seed, or Coffee Bean. This sweet little fruit is packed with antioxidants and contains naturally occurring caffeine. We proudly use the cascara fruit in not only our juice, but our cold brew coffees as well to deliver added health benefits, better taste and contribute to greater sustainability.

Currently, KonaRed® is the only company that buys and utilizes the Kona Coffee Fruit. 100% Traceable, Sustainable and Functional- our commitment to sustainability is rooted deep, in fact it’s where we began.