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Our Story

Hawaiian Roots

KonaRed founder Shaun Roberts learned about the little-known coffee fruit and its untapped potential after moving to Hawaii. What began as an effort to share the health and sustainability benefits of coffee fruit grew into a larger vision to bring premium Kona coffee (bean and fruit) and it’s sought after quality and taste to people everywhere.

The Full Story

Functionality, Traceability, Sustainability

With billions of pounds of coffee fruit being discarded annually around the world, KonaRed is proud to be a contributor in repurposing Nature’s Best Kept Secret, the coffee fruit, as well as helping to protect the environment. We are committed to partnering with local Kona coffee family estates that adhere to sustainability practices.


KonaRed has grown from its humble beginnings, growing roughly 300% a year and has become a major leader in the premium Hawaiian Coffee industry. We’ve recently evolved into a full-scale, multi-dimensional company moving in house to roast our own beans, assuring that each coffee beverage meets our high standards of fresh KonaRed quality.